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Parent / Carer Council

What's this all about?

Welcome to the Parent / Carer Council. This Council is the place for you, as parents, to discuss your views about the school and give us new ideas. If you think we are doing something well, can do something better, or should try something new, we want to hear about it.

Come along to our First Parent Council on Tuesday, 16th July at 9.00am. We’ll be meeting in the Annex, where you’ll be able to listen and give your views over tea and coffee.

What we will talk about?

Each meeting will follow the same format, but the items we discuss will change depending on the comments we receive from parents. We’ll also take minutes and distribute them so you know what we talked about.

We might even have a School Topic to talk about if the school wants to let you know when something new is going on, or if it wants your views about a specific subject. For instance, Mrs Perry has two topics this term:

  1. Parking and Road Safety outside the School
  2. School Attendance and the changes being made in September

Let us know what you think by coming to the meeting, leaving a comment using the Feedback Form, emailing school, or by talking to a Governor. 

Four Ways to Get in Touch:

  1. Come to our next meeting.
  2. Leave a comment on one of the Feedback forms.
  3. Talk to a Governor
  4. Email the Parent Council via the school:

Three Ways to Get the Minutes

  1. In your child’s book bag
  2. Posted on the noticeboard.
  3. Posted on this website.

 Meeting Update (16th July)

A number of parents came to our first Parent / Carer Council Meeting today (Tuesday 16th July) during which the main topic we discussed was Parking and Road Safety Outside School.  Some great ideas were thought about and agreed on and these will be shared with the school once they have been discussed with Mrs Perry.

We also discussed some other topics that had been mentioned using the Feedback Forms - these topics and answers will be shared with the school too once we have met with Mrs Perry for her response.

It's not too late for other parents to come along as we will be holding our next meeting during the Autumn term where we will look at the suggestions made today, any topics from parents and any new topic that Mrs Perry would like us to help with.

   You'll find all of the information regarding our meetings below and this will be updated regularly!

Parent Council Meeting Invite July 16th.pdf

Parent Council Feedback Form.pdf

Parent Council Meeting July 16th Flyer.pdf