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Parent's Comments

These are just some of the comments our parents have said. . .

Following the Maths Workshop

Q. Was there anything you found particularly useful?

  • Everything!
  • Yes, but need to know at what stage my child is on
  • All of it
  • Strategy and language
  • All of it was useful but I think we could have done some more examples of each type of method
  • Was very interesting to see what stages the children learn through – I now know my daughter is doing the grid method
  • Seeing the different methods to help the children in division & multiplication
  • It was interesting to see all the different methods that can be used, new and old ways!
  • Mr Mann showing me how the modern method works

Q. How could we make the workshop better?

  • Workshop according to year at school because children at different stages
  • Provide small booklets for parents to take away showing the different methods of teaching as it’s different to when we were at school
  • Spend some more time on each method – ‘teach us – give us some examples and answers’
  • A little more time having a go at maths ourselves
  • More actual activities where ‘we’ work through problems using the different methods used in school
  • Smaller groups

Q. Any other comments:

  • Thank you
  • I understand the reasons behind the modern approach to maths teaching and learning but I don’t agree with it
  • As Grandma found it all rather confusing, but questions were answered and explanations given
  • A brilliant activity and good to get involved but we need to have another one to reinforce my learning
  • Very useful
  • Really appreciated the chance to come into school and work with my son, helping him to understand how and why we do maths
  • Very good workshop to help homework to become easier
  • Excellent to see different methods
  • Very worthwhile coming as I learnt new ways of completing maths problems
  • Good introduction – Well done!!
  • Fun