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Comments from Year 3 Parents

    Just some of the comments received:
    • My child has really enjoyed his first week  
    • The school planner needs to be addressed; need more details before handed out.. Would have preferred for the system to be given regarding the planner at the induction days.            
    • I like the way we are welcomed in the morning by different teachers at the school gate and in the playground and at the end of the day I am happy with the way the children are allowed to leave Miss Cable looks out for the ‘right’ parent before letting my daughter leave and she is always approachable if I need to speak to her. 
    • A good start – no tears or fears!
    • Questions answered / feedback given from a very approachable teacher!
    • I am very happy with this school and am very happy with the transition the school has organised, this is one of the best Middle Schools I have seen and my daughter is very happy.
    • Prefer to speak to staff in person. Thumbs up Miss Cable!
    • My little person loves school and through the transition process has acted like she’s always been here. The school has done a fabulous job – thanx to you all!
    • I have no issues regarding my child’s first week at St. Giles. Very content!
    • We are pleased that members of staff are greeting us daily on the playground and at the gates in the morning.
    • St. Giles proves it is a very good school during the first week as I anticipated. Teachers and staff are really welcoming and thoughtful.  XXis really enjoying her time and learning in school – wish you good luck!
    • Loved the first week and has settled in very well and seems to be enjoying it
    • I am very pleased how xx has settled in so easily .I was worried as there were only a few children going from his previous school (All Saints).XX comes home every day telling us what she has been doing and is so pleased about going swimming and farm clubs and thinks her new teacher is Fantastic (Miss Ash)!
    • My child was very nervous about starting at St. Giles, but after her first day she came home very excited and full of enthusiasm. She seems to have settled and is enjoying making new friends and getting on with her lessons. I hope it continues for the whole year.