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School Council's Meetings and Agendas

School Council Meeting


The School Council feedback to the DHT various issues that they think need to be addressed.


Yrs 3 and 4 can sometimes feel left out as some of the extra exciting things seem to be offered to Yr 5 and 6.

More playtime equipment needed.

There are still issues at dinner time. School dinners are not equally shared out, could we consider going to hatch type serving like at Christmas? This would mean that the dinner staff would make sure the food was fairly shared out.

Lunch time break is an issue; the School Council feel that all children are entitled to at least 15 minutes playtime – often school dinners are held back to sort out correct numbers.

Yellow and Red card punishments need to be more severe to deter children or the rewards need to be greater,  e.g. longer/extra break.

There needs to be a punishment for children who do not do their homework or get their diaries signed as this is not consistent through the school, possibly detentions – Yr 3 and 4 get extra play for their diaries being signed, not always checked in Yr 5 and 6.

Could clubs be set up for Reading and Mathletics? – children especially enjoyed reading to other year groups, this was done last year.

Things Going Well

Play Rangers on Wednesday are very successful at engaging the children in games and we would like more sessions if possible.

It was agreed that these issues need to be discussed in each class and to be fedback at the next School council meeting in two weeks time. A feedback form was to be typed up by the DHT and given to School Council to record ideas.



Do we need more school equipment for playtime? Discuss cost and looking after it



Should we change the way dinners are handed out to make sure we all get a far share of the food and a break time?



Should children getting Red and Yellow cards have greater punishment?




Should we set up clubs for Reading and Mathlectics? Would you use them?



Should there be extra punishments for homework not being done and planners not being signed?



Should we have more days with the Play Rangers? Only Wednesday at the moment.



Any Other Business (Any more suggestions)