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Minutes of Governor Meetings

Copies of the minutes from previous meetings are below.

All minutes remain draft until they are approved and signed at the next Committee Meeting and then we will upload them to our website.

Full Governing Body Minutes:

160915_FGB Minutes_FINAL (Approved).pdf

150715_FGB Minutes_FINAL (Approved).pdf

080715_FGB Minutes_FINAL (APPROVED).pdf

220415_FGB Minutes_FINAL (Approved).pdf‚Äč

180315_FGB Minutes_FINAL (Approved).pdf

140115_FGB Minutes_FINAL (Approved).pdf

100914_FGB_Minutes (Approved).pdf

090714_FGB_Minutes (Approved).pdf

300414_FGB_Minutes (Approved).pdf

260314_FGB_Minutes (Approved).pdf

240413_Governors' Budget Meeting April 2013 (REVISED)_(Approved).pdf

Full Governing Body Minutes - 15.1.14.pdf

Full Governors Meeting Minutes 20.3.13. pdf

FGB Minutes_10.7.13 pdf

FGB Minutes 18.9.13 pdf

FGB Minutes 02.10.13 pdf

Pupils Committee Minutes:

130515_Pupils Committee Minutes_(Approved).pdf

221014_Pupils Committee Minutes_FINAL (Approved).pdf

210514_Pupils Committee Minutes_(Approved).pdf

Pupil Committee Minutes - 12.2.14.pdf

040214_Pupils Committee Minutes_FINAL (Approved).pdf

170413_Pupils committee minutes April_(Approved).pdf

190613_Pupils Committee Minutes_FINAL (approved).pdf

231013_Pupils Committee Minutes_FINAL (Approved) (1).pdf

Resources Committee Minutes:

240615_Resources Committee Minutes_(Approved).pdf

040315_Resources Committee Minutes_(Approved).pdf

191114_Resources Committee Minutes_FINAL (Approved).pdf

110614_Resources Committee Minutes_(Approved).pdf

260214_Resources Committee Minutes_(Approved).pdf

260613_Resources Committee Minutes_(Approved).pdf

061113_Resources Committee Minutes_FINAL (Approved).pdf