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Fun, Games and Useful Websites

Useful Websites

Here is a selection of websites which students may find fun and help with their learning.

Click on each link to launch the website

Please note these are external websites which we have checked out - we do review our website, but please contact the school office if you find the websites don't work!

 General Websites


National Geographic      Fun games


 Websites to help with English


British Council Learn English       Spelling match

      BBC Bitesize      Dance mat typing      Spin and Spell           

                  Spelling fleas      Story starters      Letters to animals

Word games 


 Websites to help with Maths

          Jetski maths      Times tables       Moon maths      Brick blaster    

          Maths brain      Subtraction games      Maths lines

Koala carts


  Websites to help with Science


Teeth and eating       National Wildlife 

Science Museum games 


 Websites to help with History


Tudor Britain      Mummy maker      Great Fire of London

Victorian London            Famous people      History hunt

WW2 bomb damage       Step back in time 




Parking mania      Bouncing balls       Staries      Snake game

Pool practice      Tomato bounce      Bobo snake 

Marble lines       Mars lander      The Post Office 


Websites for 7 - 11 year olds

Beat the Bullies      Ancient Greeks       Make a Roman mosaic

      Snakes and hazards       Name that shark      Food crosswords

Wizard balls       The Sky’s the


Brain Builders

Connect 4      Leap Froggies      Spiders web 


Wolf, sheep and   cabbage     Colour trap        Battleships


Amaze race     Candy bags        Quick maths