Comments about the School

To All the Children and Staff at St Giles

I've really enjoyed working in your lovely friendly school taking photographs this morning. I was made to feel most welcome. All the children were delightful and a pleasure to photograph. Thank you for the coffee and crumpets. I look forward to coming back soon.

Carol Ibbertson, School Photography Company


To All  Staff,

Just to say how fantastic the nativity play was on Monday evening. All the children were so confident and happy in their performance ...

Mr and Mrs Allen


To All Staff

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being a guide to one of the groups of children from your school that visited Baddesley Clinton. I have to say it was so nice to deal with children who were so well behaved, polite and interested in what they were being told. They were a total credit to themselves and to your school. Both Carol Preston, one of the other guides, and I would like you to pass on our thanks to them for making our task so pleasurable.


Many thanks and best wishes from Martin Reddy.

Comments After Class Assemblies

Parents in Year 3

"It was a lovey assembly, great to come back to their class"

"The assembly was great and enjoyable, nice to see the children thinking about being healthy "

"What a love calm start to the assembly - really set the tone for the 'silence' theme. the children were so clear about their roles and it flowed seamlessly. at super start to their journey at St Giles. Thank you"

"Very interesting assembly. Extremely enlightening, spiritually and emotionally. A good start to St Giles!"

"Fantastic assembly with excellent reading from individual children"

"... I thinks the tea and biscuits in the classroom is better as it gives parents and children a chance to interact further"

Parents in Year 4

"Assembly was lovely! Really good to be able to look through the children's work and talk to their teacher"

"Lovely assembly, the obviously made lots of effort and enjoyed the book Mousehole cat. Well done!"

"Really enjoyed the assembly. The children have worked very hard. it was lovely how it linked together"

"Very good assembly, well presented. Great to see the children enjoying their work"

"It was a pleasure to be here. The assembly was really great and we're proud of all the children"

"A brilliant assembly. Very well presented with such little practice. They have obviously enjoyed this performance"

"Lovely assembly. Nice to hear a bit of humour from the children and it was full of interesting facts"

Parents in Year Yr 5

"Well done, first visit and I loved it!"

"Well done everyone, lovely clear reading and great facts"

"This is a great idea for parents to attend children's classrooms after their assembly"

"We thought the children explained really clearly and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. They did really well and it was very enjoyable"

A lovely engaging assembly. Great to see all the children involved in an independent way (no prompts, scripts etc) A super team effort! Loved the idea of class-based activities afterwards"

"Another beautiful class assembly. Thank you. The children were so engaged and  enjoying themselves. I took a day off work to attend, and would not have missed it for the world"

Parents Year 6

"It was very interesting and I liked their costumes"

"A great assembly. Love the new way of having drinks in the classroom. Gives us a chance to see what they are doing"

"Loved seeing the classroom and the work. Glad they are enjoying learning so much"

"Great assembly, looks liked you enjoyed the Sea Life Centre"

"Lovely assembly, good idea in having the 'after party' in the classroom"

"Excellent assembly kids! Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the invite to the 'Green Room' afterwards"