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Topic Curriculum Offer
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Music Curriculum Offer
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In English children develop their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. This enables them to communicate effectively with others and express themselves creatively, confidently and imaginatively. The children take part in a daily literacy lesson supplemented by additional literacy lessons and Guided Reading. Guided Reading is a structured programme of teaching, guiding and supporting children in developing and enhancing their reading. 

For the development of reading and continued reading practice we use the Oxford Reading Tree. This provides material which is suitable for all children from early readers right through to the more confident. The children also have access to our library for independent choices.

We use a scheme for spelling which is closely linked to the National Literacy Word Level objectives and daily handwriting practice to develop a fluid handwriting style.

English Curriculum

English Overview
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The school follows the New National Numeracy Curriculum. This is firmly embedded. The children take part in a daily numeracy lesson using the Maths No Problem scheme of work. Each lesson is carefully planned and differentiated to allow each child to access at their individual learning rate. The children have many opportunities within the numeracy lesson to work mentally, use a variety of practical materials, learn many strategies, record both informally and formally and then apply these skills to questions and real life problems. This helps our children to become logical thinkers, to be able to solve problems and think in more abstract ways and to challenge themselves.

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Maths Curriculum

Maths Overview
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Each week the children will be given tasks to complete at home.  We encourage our children to take on the responsibility of completing and returning the homework independently.

The children have a  Homework books/ School Planners, depending on age group, into which all homework is written. We ask parents to comment on the homework and sign to say that the homework has been completed.


Our assemblies take place daily, either as a whole school together or in smaller groups. We have very close contact with St. Giles Church and we visit the church regularly for special services.  Once a week we hold a Celebration Assembly during which the children share their achievements and by doing this we hope to foster the children's self-esteem and pride in their talents and successes.  As a parent if you wish to do so, you may ask for your child to be withdrawn from Collective Worship; please speak with the Head teacher to enable acceptable alternative arrangements to be made.