9.00 all present and correct, cases are in the hall, and we're all excited, even Mr Mann!!!

12.00 almost there. All packed and ready to go! "Have you all been to the toilet? Are you sure Miss Cable?"

1.15 arrived safe and sound. The journey was very quick, roads were very quiet. Everyone doing a tour of the site, the canteen looks great - you can have as much salad as possible. And there's a cat called Chicken!

3.30 Now in our dormitories, trying to make our beds. Lost a few in a duvet cover, and fitted sheets are becoming very frustrating. We've got to get our rooms ready before we can start our first activity. It's go go go here!

Beds are made, well sort of, there was a group who really struggled - wasn't there boys!

5.00 first activity here we come, and then finally some food- we're all starving!!

6.15 fantastic meals, but we were very hungry.

8.00 hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows and biscuits under the stars and crackling camp fire. 2 children fell asleep.

9.30 all in bed, but not sure all are asleep. Night night all, looking forward to tomorrow

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