Good Morning, everyone and  a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacob.

We ALL had a good night's sleep, though some noisy boys from other schools did cause a few problems that Miss Ellis sorted out.

Very rainy during the night, but it looks like it's going to be fine for the SEVEN activities planned for today. Mr Mann will need 3 Shredded Wheats for breakfast at least, if he's going try and keep up!

 11.30 it's been a windswept start to the day, Group C where first into the tunnels this morning, not many socks came out of there either clean or dry. Other groups were more lucky with quad biking and climbing. The sun's out now, and thoughts are turning to lunch, the rumour from Miss Ellis is that fish fingers could be on the menu. All children are having a fantastic time, challenging themselves with lots of fun. You all should be very proud of them. See you after lunch.

2.00 Well Miss Ellis was right, fish fingers! There was also spaghetti bolagnaise, with garlic bread and salad. It's great to see so many of St Giles children choosing salad and fruit. Another fun pack, energy sapping group of activities, climbing, low ropes ... The list is endless. Everyone now settling down for a little rest before tea, before the evening events. It might be wise to clear any laundry you have, because I don't think we're bringing much clean stuff back!

7.00 It's disco time - hair, make up, glad rags ... and that's just Mr Pateman. Children are busy packing away their things, as we've a lot to fit in before leaving tomorrow.

9.00 - disco done, Miss Smith, Miss Ellis, Miss Osbourne and Miss Cable are all moved out and had to drag Mr Mann off the dance floor! Everyone now tuck up in bed ready for our journey back. Lots to do tomorrow morning with packing, beds to strip and 2 more activities to do. Please expect some very tired children when we finally get back.

As always, St Giles children's attitude and behaviour has been exemplary. All the teaching staff have throughly enjoyed looking after them. One more night and them we're back - enjoy the peace whilst you can!

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