Year 6 - 2013 - Bude Residential

Friday 14th June

Last Morning Blues

11.50 All packed and on our way home!

14.25 Lunch at Taunton Dean, getting closer

18.34 Arrived back at St Giles, tired

Thank you for following the Bude Blog, and the positive comments from parents.

A big thanks goes to Miss Southam and Mrs Plumridge for…


Thursday 13th June

Getting ready for abseiling ... or the queue for the toilets?

Well at least it's sunnier than Exhall!

It was abseiling.


Wednesday 12th June

Off to the beach

This looks good, we only get a round of toast in our tuck shop!

On the beach, where's the costume Mr Whiteside?

En Garde! Can you work out who they are?


Tuesday 11th June

7.30 Early Start - now who hasn't brushed their teeth yet?

10. 25 Children work out the best way to catch a teacher - watch out Mr Whiteside!!!

11.10 Mrs Randle has reported that Josh B, Tsitsi, Leigh H, Thomas, Jamie, Lucy J, Jessica and Devon have just completed their golf session. Well…


Monday 10th June

Early Start

The children were busy packing Miss Southam's suitcases.

"How many clothes does she need?" asked Clarissa.

"Bye, Bye St Giles, we promise to look after the teachers!"

10.03 Arrived at service station - staff asked for some strong coffee

15.00 All arrived safely, sorting…


June 8th and 9th

Mums and Dads packing bags, saying goodbye to all those 'paired up' socks and lovely clean clothes.

Children busy hiding 'midnight feasts' at the bottom of the bag, and working out who they want to sit next to on the coach!