DfE Support for St Giles

18 March 2018

The school has been selected by Warwickshire Council to be part of a project to receive extra support from the Department for Education. This will mainly focuses on improving the academic achievement for all students even further and we hope will continue into summer 2019.

You will be kept informed via our website on the type of help offered, but we need your help to ensure that this project measures the impact we all hope it will make. Warwick University are asking parents/ carers to take part in a survey to gauge opinions and it will be used to look at learning in St Giles.

Though they will ask for some of your details, you will never be named in the research and all information is confidential. 

Thank you to those parents who have already completed it, but we need a few more to ensure the effected of the support can continue, and be measured accurately.

You can find out more about the research at this link.



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