Parking - please be considerate

9 May 2018

The local authority do not have the power or indeed time to deal with all perceived problems outside schools and the Police also have limited resources to put into this area, therefore your own efforts are an important part in managing the use of cars near the school.

It must be remembered that we currently live with a car culture and freedom of choice in schooling means some children now travel from a much wider area.
Removing all the vehicles taking children to school is therefore an unrealistic target. The fact that cars are parked does not necessarily mean there is a parking problem.

It is only a problem if the parking is illegal or causing a danger to pedestrian movement. It is, however, regarded as important to reduce the number of vehicles making the school run as this is now seen as a major contributor to congestion on the roads, environmental pollution and a hindrance to a child’s development as a road user.

Walking or cycling rather than using the car has a number of benefits:
• Cheaper – cold engines use more fuel
• Better for the car – short journeys/cold engines are not good for the engine
• Environment – short journeys/cold engines produce more air pollution
• Healthier – walking provides much need exercise
• Road safety education – children learn to use the road as a pedestrian under a parent’s supervision.