After SATS

20 May 2018

1.Don’t dwell on the tests

Once the tests are finished, they’re finished and worrying about them won’t change the result. Hopefully they’ve gone brilliantly, but there are lots of reasons why sometimes a test doesn’t go as well as we’d hope; this is where concentrating on the skills and knowledge children need, rather than the tests themselves is such a useful way to view things.


Once the tests are over, it’s good to celebrate with a treat. It can be helpful to reward the hard work and preparation that has gone into the tests, rather than rewarding the results. What we want is to show children that we value the effort they put into their learning.

3.Now SATs Week has finished, the learning doesn’t need to stop

The students still have to be assessed in their writing, so work will carry on well into June to ensure they all achieve their best. They will all be starting a unit of work on Real Life, coupled with the Fiver Challenge as well, so they are going to be busy. At home, your child might want to keep working at an aspect of English or maths ready for secondary school – perhaps there was something they didn’t quite get the hang of in time for May? Either way, setting themselves a new learning challenge is a great way of keeping the learning habit going ahead of secondary school.

Once again, thanks for your ongoing support, as we all know the learning journey never stops and by working together the most progress can be made for your child.

The Year 6 team