New Reading Scheme

20 September 2018

Books from our new reading scheme are being given out to students at the moment, and some parents and carers have asked about the level of difficulty with some the texts. We feel it is not just reading a number of books that is important, fully comprehending those texts and grasping the ideas being discussed is key. This will become a focus as the students move through the school and beyond.

Here are a few suggestions to broaden your child's understanding of what they have read during your reading sessions with them.

Talk about it - there is no better way to show understanding of a story than by talking about it. Ask your child what happened in the book and pose questions on the information they give you.

Retell - is your child able to retell/write a quick summary of what happened in the book?

Explore their favourite character - enquire who their favourite character is and why or what they have done to make them their favourite. By designing a character profile for them, your child can gain a great understanding into how this character's decisions, actions and personality have driven the plot.

Make notes - encourage your child to note down anything they particularly like whilst they are reading, or anything they don't fully understand. They can then go back and revisit these words or passages afterwards, further developing their vocabulary and strengthening their comprehension of the text. This activity will also prevent them from shying away from more challenging texts.

Read out loud - ask your child to read to you. Reading out loud will make them read slower, and engage with the literature in a different way, for example, hearing information often makes it easier to form a visual of what the text is trying to convey. Make sure you read to them as well.

Re-reading - encourage your child to glance backwards and re-read sections to remind themselves of any information they have forgotten - who a person was, what a particular word means etc. Re-reading these passages will refresh their memory and provide helpful context cues so they can better understand and interpret later sections of the text.

Find out more - is there a particular theme in the book that your child might like to explore in more detail? If so, a trip to the library could be a good way to promote wider understanding.

We hope this helps, if you would like further ideas please contact the class teacher.

Thank you for your support.