Each half term, children will bring home a Knowledge Organiser. This document contains some of the essential knowledge that children will need to know as part of the new topic they will be studying in class. These Knowledge Organisers are designed to be used at home so parents can help children learn the information contained within it. The Knowledge Organiser will usually contain key vocabulary, notable dates or people and a task for you to do at home.  It would be useful to talk through the vocabulary and revisit it weekly as part of their homework task.  If English is not your first language please feel free to teach the vocabulary in your home language also.  

 The best way to use the Knowledge Organiser at home is as follows;

· Children read the information and talk about or look up any information they do not understand.

· learn the vocabulary 

· look at the facts ready for upcoming lessons

· revisit the organiser at least once a week to enhance understanding 


We are confident that these Knowledge Organisers will help children to develop knowledge on a wide range of topics and will significantly enhance and develop their vocabulary. This, in turn, will make them more confident in class and be successful in their learning tasks. All knowledge organisers will be made available on the school website. If you have any further questions about this please see your class teacher.

Knowledge Organisers

Year 6 Spring 2
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Year 4_5 Spring 2
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Year 3 Spring 2
Updated: 20/03/2020 111 KB
Year 6 Spring 1
Updated: 20/03/2020 318 KB
Year 4_5 Spring 1
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Year 3 spring 1
Updated: 20/03/2020 137 KB
year 6 autumn 2
Updated: 01/12/2019 1.42 MB
year 4_5 autumn 2
Updated: 01/12/2019 83 KB
year 3 autumn 2
Updated: 01/12/2019 161 KB
year 6 autumn 1
Updated: 01/12/2019 643 KB
year 4_5 autumn 1
Updated: 01/12/2019 403 KB
Year 3 autumn 1
Updated: 01/12/2019 150 KB