Prevent Campaign


Protecting Pupils from the Risks of Extremism and Radicalisation

In light of the recent events in Syria, the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit have set up the PREVENT Campaign and website to guard against radicalisation.  They have asked all schools to share the following information with their communities.

Schools have a vital role to play in protecting pupils from the risks of extremism and radicalisation. Keeping children safe from these risks is a safeguarding matter and should be approached in the same way as safeguarding children from other risks.

Parents may also have concerns about their children and may look to schools as a trusted source of advice on how to keep their children safe from these risks.  You can find materials produced by the police – such as the new "Prevent Tragedies" online campaign

There are online resources produced by 'Families Matter' which provide valuable advice


Access to Support for Prevent
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Help to Prevent Tragedies
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Working with Mothers
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