Coasting Judgement

The school has met the new coasting definition based on its performance in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The Department for Education introduced the coasting definition to help the Secretary of State to identify schools better where pupils are not fulfilling their potential so that these schools get the focus and support that they need to improve. The coasting school definition has been agreed by Parliament.

The RSC has reviewed the information we have provided alongside our school’s wider context, achievement and overall provision. The evidence shows that while we are working to address a number of key challenges, we would benefit from some additional support to meet these challenges

The RSC believes St Giles Junior School would benefit from leadership support in order to improve. There will be some funding made available later this academic year and it is their intention to engage Teaching Schools to provide tailored support with the objective of improving performance at St Giles Junior School. Their next step will be to assess our progress in the summer term, ensuring that the necessary support has been secured.

St Giles Junior School Recommended Coasting Action

Progress data from 2016-17 show an improvemet from last year. The school is still meeting the coasting definition but now only in 1 out of the 3 crtieria used by the Department of Education. 

November 2017 - The DfE has contacted the school and is offering a day visit from one of its Educational Advisors to support the school with the issues that have triggered the Coasting Judgement.