School Policies

Our School Policies

Each of our policies is a statement of the aims, principles and strategies for provision at St. Giles Junior School.

LA guidelines have been taken into consideration in the formulation of all our policies.

Our policies are developed through a process of consultation between all members of the school community including teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, governors and pupils.

Our policies are approved by the Governing Board and reviewed on a regular basis.

Paper copies of our policies can be requested from the school office free of charge.

School Policies

Dealing with Complaints
Updated: 26/04/2018 5.92 MB
Teacher Capabilitiy
Updated: 26/04/2018 9.54 MB
Charging and remissions
Updated: 26/04/2018 1.60 MB
Appraisal policy
Updated: 29/01/2018 693 KB
Admissions Policy
Updated: 29/01/2018 459 KB
Accessibility Plan
Updated: 29/01/2018 495 KB
Updated: 29/01/2018 701 KB
Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Updated: 29/01/2018 1.22 MB
Governors Code of Conduct
Updated: 29/01/2018 108 KB
Governor Handbook
Updated: 29/01/2018 191 KB
Governor Induction pack
Updated: 29/01/2018 89 KB
Medical Conditions Policy
Updated: 29/01/2018 680 KB
Open Meeting Protocol
Updated: 29/01/2018 41 KB
SEND Policy
Updated: 29/01/2018 536 KB
Staff Handbook
Updated: 29/01/2018 511 KB