Over the summer, the staff were introduced to a new teaching method called Maths No Problem, and have been using it now to support your child’s understanding of maths from September. The Maths No problem focus is not on rote procedures, rote memorisation or just performing calculations but on mathematical understanding. Students are encouraged to solve problems working with their core abilities, such as picturing, gaining a broad view and decision making.

Our aim is to have students gain a greater conceptual understanding of number and calculation. They will be able to visualise and generalise more readily due to a more in-depth understanding. All learners will be fully supported through accessing real equipment and use of visual models to support understanding.

Confident learners will be challenged through exposure to unfamiliar problems, development of reasoning skills and by exploring multiple ways to manipulate numbers and solve problems.

Find out more about Maths No Problem by looking at the parent/carers videos: