We were raising money for Macmillan Cancer on Friday and it was wonderful to see so many students dressed in something green to support this worthwhile charity. Thank you for all of your donations which amounted to over £230.


Healthy Eating

National Healthy Eating Week begins on Monday.

It is all about raising awareness of how to eat more healthily and live a better life, and we often see students taking an active role with fruit/ veg snacks and great healthy choices in their lunch boxes. We want to encourage and promote healthy habits for your children and being physically active, and we would like your support.

It would be a good opportunity to provide healthier snacks for break times; we are aware that some students regularly bring in crisps/ sweets/chocolate bars. We have a sweeter treat day on Friday, please aim to keep these types of treats to the end of the week.  


Following the recent announcements by the government and the tightening of restrictions to control the virus and keep numbers low in our community, we will be asking that, from Monday, all visits on to the school site require you to wear a face covering for drop off and pick-ups. This is an extra precaution aiming to protect our entire community, we are hoping that all of our parents and carers will want to collectively support this measure. 


Covid Update

A continued thank you to all of those who are managing to follow the staggered drop off and pick up times at school. We can confirm that the Y3 drop-off time will be now 8.55am, with a pickup time of 3.25pm. This worked well when we trialled it last week, and fits in well with Exhall Cedars 3.10pm pickup time.


Online Learning

We have an online homework scheme, Seesaw, which allows children to do their homework online as well as Timestable Rockstars, please become familiar with this new way of online learning and if there is a need to close a year group, the work will be set via this online route.


Office News

Cashless School

Thank you to all those who are using SIMS Pay to cover the cost of school meals.  If anyone is not signed up please contact the office and we will get packs with individual passwords issued.


School Dinners

Educaterers are following our request to provide their full range of delicious menus, we encourage your child to have try. They have a special menu for Thursday.  


PE Arrangements

On the days mentioned below, your child will need to attend school in their PE kit.

Please note – if your child is doing outdoor PE, it would be helpful for them to change into alternative footwear for the lesson. It can be cold outside now, especially walking to school in the morning, perhaps having a pair of jogging bottoms can help with this. 


PE Lessons

Year 3 Wednesday and Thursday

4/5C Tuesday and Thursday

4/5D Wednesday and Thursday

4/5E Monday and Thursday

Year 6 Tuesday and Friday


And finally

Congratulations to Mr Burch, who is now a proud dad to a baby girl. He will be taking the next two weeks off to become fully acquainted with the art of nappy changing, and functioning on three hours of sleep! We all wish him, his wife and new baby well for the future.


Thank You