Dear Everyone,

The news this week that the children in the Y4/5 Bubble are now having to self-isolate highlights the fact that we are in a pandemic. It is quite easy to sit and watch the news and feel that it is happening to someone else, but now the risk Covid brings seems very real.


If you, your child or someone in close contact with your family is experiencing symptoms-

Self-isolate and keep your child off school.

Get a test and wait for the results.

Do not let your child return to school if they have been in close contact with anyone displaying the symptoms.

Keep the school office updated at every stage.


Our best wishes go to the staff, children, carers and parents now having to adapt to accommodate the self-isolating rules. A special mention to all the staff who supported the closing of the 'bubble' on Thursday, the students left calmly and safely, everyone should feel very proud. It was also good to see so many children taking part in the online learning the next day, it was a great effort from everyone to have the learning carrying on like nothing had happened.


It is worth reminding everyone that the expectation from the Department of Education is that online learning is provided by the school 'immediately', so the issuing of paper copies is not a route that supports this. Please take time to familiarise yourself with accessing Seesaw accounts and how Microsoft Teams work now, so there’s no last-minute panic. It is also worth making sure your child follows the agreed online behaviour rules – some struggled using the ‘chat’ function appropriately, and also had cameras and mics on – we will be contacting carers/ parents if a serious breach of these procedures occurs. Once the online learning session has ended all students leave – they do not stay online.   


PE Lessons this week

Year 3 Wednesday and Thursday

Year 6 Tuesday and Thursday

On the days mentioned, your child will need to attend school in their PE kit.

Please note – if your child is doing outdoor PE, it would be helpful for them to change into alternative footwear for the lesson. It can also be cold outside now, especially walking to school in the morning, perhaps having a pair of jogging bottoms can help with this. 


Half -term and INSET Day

This Friday will be the last day of school before the half-term holidays start. The school has a training day on the first Monday back, the 2nd November, so the school is open to all students again on TUESDAY 3RD NOVEMBER


Take care everyone, and keep to the Covid rules for the local area.


Thank you