We welcome back students in 3A after their self-isolating period, our thanks go to the staff for supporting so well with the online learning, the carers/parents who helped out at home, and to the students who engaged so well. Miss Shepherd was so pleased with the students behaviour online, and with quality of the work they did.

If you, your child, or someone in close contact with your family is experiencing symptoms-

  • Self-isolate and keep your child off school.
  • Get a test for the adult and any children.
  • Wait for the results.
  • Do not let your child return to school if they have been in close contact with anyone displaying the symptoms.
  • Keep the school office updated at every stage.

No Carers/ Parents in School
Warwickshire County Council have requested that no carers/ parents should be coming into school during the current crisis, unless it is an emergency. Please keep all communication via telephone or email, and use SIMS Pay, please. Please let us know if you do require a consultation with your child’s class teacher this week - information was sent out on Friday.

We send a number of communications out via groupcall every week so if you are not getting regular messages you need to contact the office as you are missing out on important information.

Flu Immunisation 

The nursing team have asked carers/ parents to complete the form even if you do not want your child to have one.  If the nursing team do not receive a completed form in advance they will not give vaccinations on the day.

If anyone is having difficulty completing the online form they can ring the office.


Poppy Appeal

Students can come to school on Tuesday with a red ‘addition’ to their school uniform and bring a £1 minimum. This is not a non-school uniform day. Charities are being particularly impacted upon at the moment, so your generosity would be most welcome to support one that is so valued in the local area.   

School Photographer 

On Wednesday, your child will be having an individual photograph taken of them. Unlike in previous years, there will be no family/ siblings photographs taken - I hope you understand why. Details of how to then order a photograph will be sent out to you.


PE/ Forest Lessons

If your child is doing Forest School, please make sure they have suitable outdoor clothing and shoes. Miss Smith has yet to cancel a Forest School session, they go out in all weathers so being prepared helps for a successful lesson. 


Y3 Wednesday and Thursday

4/5C Tuesday and Thursday

4/5D Wednesday and Thursday

4/5E Monday and Thursday is Forest school

Year 6 Tuesday and Friday


Let’s end on some good news!

The following was take from the Warwickshire newsletter 

Despite the sometimes bleak national news, there is some great stuff for us to celebrate locally. Congratulations to St Giles Junior School in Bedworth which has been shortlisted for the Alex Timpson ARC Attachment Award for 2020.

 Well done to all at St Giles.

More information here


Take extra special care, everyone!