Exhall has a system in place where any causes for concern are passed on using a standard form to the Head Teacher (and/or DSLs).  Causes for concern can include attendance, welfare, a disclosure (where a child passes comment or talks about a situation), changes in behaviour and extreme behaviour.

The Head Teacher (and/or DSLs) then decides on the most appropriate course of action, which could include a meeting with parents, consulting outside agencies, referral to appropriate agencies or ongoing monitoring.

The school follows the Warwickshire Local Safeguarding Children Board Inter-Agency Child Protection Procedures, distributed to all schools.

Our aim is to communicate with parents where possible, and we try to ensure that open and honest dialogue takes place.  We fully understand that these conversations can be difficult, but please be assured that everything is treated in the strictest confidence.

Our policy is reviewed annually with the Governing Board and can be found below, along with other relevant policies.  A hard copy of any of our policies will be made available on request.

Safeguarding and Whistleblowing

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